What happens to your old technology? Decades of enjoyment, use and sentimental attachment must be worth something. We think so too

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What is a BeatnikGeek?

Hi! We're BeatnikGeek, a source for retro technology, reused and up-cycled hardware, re-purposed hard to recycle components and of course, video games!

Our goal is to restore the value to items that would otherwise be discarded, destroyed or lost so they can be enjoyed by future generations. Think of us as retro rockets for your stuff.

If you enjoyed it or found it useful, someone else might too!

Sure, we all grow up and move on but, your beloved and adored items of your past can live on with a new owner or on public display!

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What is considered retro or vintage?

retro: anything that is older than two generations or, something this is used for enjoyment and not for simplicity, efficiency or practicality.

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Often the paperwork, manual and artwork of retro & vintage products can be lost forever, help us by contributing.


Take a moment and consider if something has more than a dollar value before throwing it away.